APPs //

Apps are the face of modern consumer technology.  Often standalone although increasingly integrated with a website or associated database or shops.

Having an App for your business looks great and drives consumer traffic but you should be under no illusions that the development of an App is complex and expensive.

If the vast majority of your customers can reach you via your website or more likely mobile website, then it may well be best to leave it at that and continue to develop and enhance the site with new features which can generally be developed at considerably less expense.

Apps abound the mobile world and you only have to look at the thousands on Apple store or Playstore to see that all and sundry are trying to get in on the act.  Also, you only have to scroll through the reviews to see that the vast majority of Apps are simply not working and most certainly not worth the monetary cost in development and deployment.


A good App should follow the same general principles as designing a website. A clear vision of requirements is necessary from the start. Apps can be difficult to upgrade once built and deployed and not to mention the additional costs incurred.

Don't be fooled by company's offering cheap App solutions. In general these are built on "do it yourself - no coding required platforms" and although they may be excellent for a small business requiring a few pages and no other online presence or integrations, they are not the best solution.

We use stable and proven online platforms to develop Apps which have a multitude of ready built solutions.  The beauty of using these platforms is that the structural requirements of a project can be designed relatively quickly thus incurring less expense. However, a considerable amount of coding may still be required to achieve optimum solutions and integration.

We are happy to discuss all of your project company's requirements and advise on design and implementation.

As to cost, even small bespoke Apps will incur a significant outlay and not just in development time. One also needs to factor in hosting and maintenance and on-going development.

Although a US site we suggest you take a look at (costs being broadly similar in the UK) and have a stiff drink before you start.  If you are still interested after that, please contact us.